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Book an Eye Exam in Edmonton

Schedule an Eye Exam with Londonderry Eye Care

We recommend that you schedule an eye exam in Edmonton about once a year, especially if you have glasses or contact lenses. During your eye exam, the optometrists at Londonderry Eye Care will diagnose your eyesight so that you can get the proper prescription for your needs. An Edmonton eye exam is the first step to regaining proper eyesight, so make your appointment with us today!

We have seven optometrists on-site and feature a full-service lab, ensuring that your eye exam will be thorough and beneficial. When you arrive for your eye exam, please bring your glasses and contacts with you.

When booking your eye exam, please have your insurance information and health care number ready. Please arrive five minutes prior to your appointment to check in.

Contact Lens Patients

In the event that you do not want a complete eye exam and only desire a contact lens consultation, please take out your contacts one hour prior to your appointment. We can arrange a contact lens health check and fitting or training appointments if necessary.

If you are a contact lens wearer and are booked for a full eye exam, you may wear your lenses to your appointment, but you will need to remove them for your pre-screening. If you are having a contact lens check only, please wear your lenses a minimum of one hour prior to your appointment time.

To schedule an eye exam in Edmonton with Londonderry Eye Care, please call us at 780–476-7631 or fill out the form below. Our extended hours make scheduling an eye exam convenient and easy. We look forward to seeing you and helping you see well