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Recycled Eyeglasses Program

Londonderry Eye Care accepts and recycles used eyeglasses. Our staff cleans and does minor repairs on each pair we receive. They are then shipped and donated to people free of charge in developing countries. We proudly sponsor the following programs:

Canadian Lions Eyeglass Recycling Program – Each pair of glasses that the Lions Club ship helps bring sight to those in the greatest need throughout the world.

Londonderry Eye Care partners with Nikon Canada to donate used or new eyeglasses through the HART Foundation (Humanitarian Aid Response Teams). Last year we donated approximately 200 pairs of new eyeglasses. Lenses are donated by Nikon; Londonderry Eye Care donates new frames and assembles them in our in-house laboratory. These eyeglasses are sent to the Ukraine via the HART Foundation, where they are distributed free of charge to those in need.

Recycled glasses are collected, cleaned and repaired by the staff of Londonderry Eye Care and sent to Kenya through Bethel Lutheran Church, Sherwood Park, who partners with Springs of Life Lutheran Church in Nairobi to distribute free eyeglasses to children and adults who can’t afford them.

If you have used eyeglasses you would like to contribute to these programs, please bring them to Londonderry Eye Care.