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Nikon Lenses

At Londonderry Eyecare our doctors typically recommend Nikon lenses due to the fact that they are produced by the most respected and recognized ophthalmic manufacturer in the world. For the discriminating wearer, the high optical quality of Nikon lenses makes them the clear choice. There are many brands of lenses on the market, some far superior to others. We made the choice to focus on Nikon products because we know that our patients and customers want to maximize their visual experience. Our optical dispensers are fully trained and authorized Nikon experts. Partnering with Nikon enables our staff to have access to top quality training seminars by Nikon Canada on a regular basis.


Londonderry Eye Care also recommends Transitions® lenses. Through advanced technology, Transitions® lenses give you the benefits of clear lenses indoors and at night, plus distinct advantages outdoors as they turn as dark as sunglasses – all in the convenience of one lens. They provide visual comfort and quality at any and every moment, helping you to see better today. And just like sunblock protects your skin, Transitions lenses help preserve the health and wellness of your eyes for the future by blocking 100% of harmful UV rays, so you can see better tomorrow too.