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The 3 F’s of Frame Selection

July 20, 2016

Frame selection can be an exciting, confusing and ultimately rewarding experience. The right frame can enhance your look, transform your image, and even change how people perception of your appearance. Unfortunately, on the other extreme, the wrong frame can mask your attractiveness and have an undesirable impact on your appearance. Because of the tremendous number of frames available, it can be overwhelming and at times downright daunting when deciding upon the perfect frame. Therefore, I have tried to make the process a little simpler and much more organized to help you make the right decision so that you can obtain a frame that is practical, comfortable and attractive. Ok, so let us start with a simplified roadmap:

Simply put, there are three primary considerations that one needs to consider when deciding upon what frame to select.

  1. Function
  2. Fashion
  3. Facial Features


1. Function – The What, The When, The Where

This refers to what you will use the frame for, when you will be wearing it, and where you will be wearing it. The what simply refers to the type of tasks you will be engaged in when you have your glasses on(ie: job duties, hobbies, etc.). The when refers to how many hours a day you will wear the frame(ie: part time for certain tasks, or every waking moment from morning to night). The where refers to the types of environments you will be in when you have your glasses on(clean, dusty, dangerous, etc).

So when selecting a frame, some things to consider:

  • does your job and day to day function involve a lot of up close work (ie: computer vision, reading; less than 24” or closer)
  • are you required to look more in the distance (ie: driving, 10 feet and beyond)?

Consideration must also be given to the type of environment you will wearing the glasses.

  • Is it a dusty environment where you have to be cognizant of hygiene and the risk of getting an infection?
  • Is the workplace dangerous with particulate matter that could permanently damage the eye?
  • Is your workplace more of an office type setting where dry eyes are a concern?

It is also important to not neglect your hobbies or other activities that may impact your frame selection. All of these factors will aid in helping you determine the type of frame and lenses that will give you the highest quality vision in the safest and most functionally appropriate manner possible.


2. Fashion – Image is everything

This consideration is much less pedantic and pragmatic and much more subjective and personal. It refers to what type of look you are attempting to obtain with your glasses. Are you going for a look that is fun, elegant, simple, bold, conservative, simple, dramatic, casual, sporty? Glasses can transform a person in dramatic ways. In fact, many individuals now wear glasses as a fashion accessory. These are glasses that do not change vision but simply are used for aesthetics.

3. Face – Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

With the exception of identical twins, no two faces are completely alike. In fact, even with identical twins there can often be subtle but notable disparities setting them apart. Point is that we all have unique faces that would be suited by certain types of frame styles. Here is a little course on facial features and facial anatomy that may serve you well when deciding on the type of frame to purchase.


Faces come in all different styles and shapes. According to researchers, faces tend to be more attractive if the length is approximately 1.5x longer than the width. Only photoshopped supermodels have these proportions. The rest of us have something that doesn’t quite satisfy the ideal face proportions. And that is where frames can change the appearance of a face emphasizing our strong features and render a unique look. In simplified terms, we all have a different type of face shape that can be categorized into *round, *square * oval, *heart, *triangle;

The face can be divided up into three parts with the goal being to ensure each of the three portions is as close to the same as possible


TOP part of face: hairline to upper lid
MIDDLE part of face: upper lid to bottom of the nose;
BOTTOM part of face bottom 1/3rd: end of nose to the end of chin

“Critical face structures that determine attractiveness of face are cheeks, jawline, and chin Specifically, it is the placement of cheekbones, shape of the jawline , projection of chin:

Women: higher cheek bones, softer jawline, and rounded chin.
Men: flatter cheekbones, wide angular jawline and, square chin





In conclusion, when considering the type of frames and lenses to get, the things to consider are:

  1. What, When, and Where you will wear your glasses.
  2. What type of personality do you want your glasses to convey.
  3. Selecting a frame that is consistent with your face shape and facial features.

Londonderry Eye Care opticians are highly trained in all aspects of eyewear. Along with the doctors and our own on site lab technicians, the staff can ensure your frame selection and final glasses is an enjoyable and pleasant experience. But no matter where you get your glasses, you should always remember the final two Fs: Fun and Friends. The process of shopping for glasses should be FUN and consider taking along a FRIEND.