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Contacts or Glasses: The Right Choice For You

February 4, 2014

Ask an Optometrist: Which is Better, Contacts or Glasses in Edmonton?

When you ask people which they prefer most—contacts or glasses in Edmonton—you’ll likely get a mixed response. The reason for the disparity is pretty simple. Each person’s eyes are unique, and there’s no one right answer to this question. Still unsure what is right for you? Ask your optometrist for advice.

Before you visit your eye doctor, ask yourself what matters most to you:

  • Do you dislike touching your eye directly?
  • Do you want to participate more easily in sporting activities?
  • Do you like the fashion statement you can make with frame styles?
  • Do you wish you could get a better field of view without distortion?
  • Do you have dry or sensitive eyes?
  • Do you like the idea of changing your eye colour?
  • Do you work at a computer all day?

The answers to these questions may point you in the direction of either glasses or contacts. Remember, the best way to understand your choices is to have a thorough eye exam with a qualified optometrist.

Benefits of Contacts

Because of exciting, new technological advances, today’s contacts are more tailored to your eye shape than ever before. Here are a few things you can expect from contacts:

  • Contacts offer less distortion than glasses
  • Contacts won’t clash with your wardrobe
  • Contacts don’t fog over in cold weather
  • Contacts come in multiple designs, including options for astigmatism
  • Some contacts (Ortho-K and others) are designed to reshape your cornea during sleep so you don’t need to wear them during the day

Benefits of Glasses

  • Glasses are usually less expensive than contact lenses (over time)
  • Glasses offer multiple frame options so you can make a personal fashion statement
  • Glasses require little maintenance and cleaning
  • Glasses don’t require touching your eye, thereby reducing infection risks
  • Glasses won’t exacerbate dry and sensitive eye problems
  • Glasses offer moderate protection against dust, debris, and wind

Get ready to discuss the benefits of both contacts and glasses in Edmonton at Londonderry Eye Care, where we help you see clearly.