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Do’s and Dont’s for Cleaning your Eyeglasses

July 8, 2015

For those who are visually impaired, glasses are your way of seeing the world. Any scratch or smudge will make your world a less clear and beautiful place. Proper care of your eyeglasses is important for seeing clearly and making your lenses last. We are here to set you straight on the proper (and improper) ways to clean your lenses.

Do Use

Most eyeglass lenses are not actually made of glass. Because of safety concerns, lenses are now made with a tough plastic instead. While this is safer for you, it leaves your glasses prone to more scratches and damage. Unfortunately, if you do not use the right materials while cleaning your glasses, you can cause more harm than good.

There are a few effective methods for cleaning your glasses. One easy home solution is to use warm water and a small drop of dish soap. Then use a soft, clean cotton cloth to wipe the lenses. Make sure that the cloth is clean so that any residual dirt or dust won’t be left behind on your lenses or scratch them. For cleaning your glasses on the go, purchase special lens towelettes that you can use anywhere. Additionally, you can use a special lens cloth and glasses cleaning spray.

Do Not Use

You’ve likely seen plenty of people use the corner of their shirt to clean any smudges or dirt off of their glasses. Do not let yourself get into this habit though. While this method may clear up some smudges, it leaves even more dirt and dust on your glasses than was there before. Never use tissues, a paper towel, or toilet paper to clean your lenses either. While these are all soft materials that are great for cleaning up messes, they can easily leave scratches and residue on your eyeglasses.

If you don’t have easy access to water for cleaning your glasses, avoid using your own saliva as a substitute. Your saliva carries germs that could infect your eyes. If you want to truly clean and sanitize your glasses, wait until you have a source of clean water or a special cleaning product.

Avoid using any household, ammonia-based products for lens cleaning. Even those these cleaners may do a good job of cleaning your windows and glass, they can be harmful to your lenses, frames, and eyes.

Your glasses not only help you see, but they can become a fashion statement. Keep them in the best condition possible by cleaning them regularly with the recommended products. If you have any concern with your glasses or need a new prescription, set up an appointment with us today for any of your eye care needs.