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Don’t Forget Sun Protection For Your Child!

Just as parents want to protect their children from skin cancer by having them use sunscreen, they should protect children’s eyes by getting them in the habit of wearing sunglasses outdoors. Children’s eyes do not yet have a mature capacity for ocular protection; it takes about 25 years to develop. In the meantime, UV rays are permanently breaking down the eye’s capacity to absorb sunlight. Exposure without protection is dangerous for the surface of the eye, as well as for the crystalline lens and retina.
Follow these tips to make sure you are protecting your children’s eyes from the sun:

  • Anytime you have to worry about them getting sunburned, you need to worry about their eyes.
  • It’s never too early to have them wear sunglasses (even infants can wear them).
  • Make sure the sunglasses have at least 99% UV protection (check the labels before you purchase them).
  • Allow older children to pick out their own sunglasses so they are more likely to wear them.
  • Children with prescription eyeglasses should also have prescription sunglasses. 0ther options include Transition lenses and sunglass clips.
  • Make sure they fit properly (don’t buy them so they can “grow into them”).

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