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2112 Londonderry Shopping Centre
66 Street & 137 Avenue
Edmonton, AB T5C 3C8 Canada

Upper South Side of the Mall

At Londonderry Eye Care, we take great pride in our friendly, professional staff. Alongside our optometrists in Edmonton is a staff of 25 dedicated and experienced individuals who work to make your visit a success. Our business manager, lab manager, lab technicians, optical assistants, receptionists, optical dispensers, IT techs, and management support create the customer service network that makes it easy for you to get high quality eyeglasses in Edmonton.

Schedule your eye exam with us today! We’re located inside the Londonderry Mall, at the corner of 66th Street and 137th Avenue. Our full service clinic employs seven doctors ready to serve you, and our inventory includes over 4,000 frames from 50 brands!

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