Kid Friendly

Children have unique eye care needs. 80% of a child’s learning is visual. A child’s eyesight is the window to the world that they learn from! They experience growth at a rapid rate and their vision can change frequently. We recommend regularly scheduled eye exams for children to maintain the quality of their vision and overall well being and health of their eyes. Our professional staff have child friendly ways to make their visit as fun as possible, while ensuring their vision care needs are being taken care of.

Well Fitting Glasses

It is important that children’s eyewear has a proper fit so that they stay in place. Our staff will ensure that your child’s frames are well fitted so that they are comfortable and easy to wear.

Protection from the Sun

It is never too early for a child to start wearing sunglasses, and we offer sizes starting at infant. Protect your child’s eyes by getting them in the habit of wearing sunglasses when they are outdoors. Children’s sunglasses should have at least 99% UV protection.

Kid’s Frames and Lenses Packages

We want your children to experience the best vision possible. That’s why we have put together various “Packages” for parents to choose from. Prices range from $149 – $360, depending on your child’s prescription and choice of coatings. We even have Transition lenses included in two of our Packages.