Contact Lenses

We offer a large selection of contact lenses. Contact lenses that are correctly fitted for your eyes can offer the benefit of natural vision. Our specialists will help you find the one that offers you the best comfort and the best vision for your lifestyle.

Contact lenses | Londonderry Eye Care

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Contacts come in a variety of lenses from daily disposables, bi-weekly’s, monthly’s, colors, multifocal’s to custom hard lenses. Our doctors will fit you with the right lenses using the latest technology that matches your eyes and lifestyle. This needs to be performed once a year to ensure the health of your eyes and to make sure that your current contacts are still comfortable or to determine if you require a different lens. If you have never had contact lenses before, we will train you! Our knowledgeable optometric assistants will teach you how to put your contacts in and take them out efficiently and correctly, as well as show you the proper way to maintain them. We want every patient to feel confident when taking their contact lenses home knowing that you are maintaining good health of your eyes.

Did you know we recycle contacts lenses?

Contact lenses are made of plastic and it is important to recycle contact lenses rather than simply throwing them away. We take pride in helping our environment and together we can help reduce environmental impact by recycling your old lenses.

Come in today and learn more about our recycling program for contact lenses.

Flexible financing plans

Get the glasses you want without compromising your budget. Choose from flexible payment options for your eyewaer that include deferred payments or equal monthly payments without any interest.