Meet our optometrists

Londonderry Eye care optometrists are committed to providing personalized eye care solutions tailored to your unique needs. Each of them carries a unique background and history that contributes to their attitude toward patient care. With a focus on precision and compassion, we strive to enhance your vision and overall eye health.

Dr Stephania DeFilippo | Londonderry Eye Care

Dr. Stephania DeFilippo

Dr DeFilippo has worked in the optical industry since 2007. She worked locally as an optical dispenser during her time in university and moved to Oregon in 2012 for graduate school. During this time, she worked as a lens technician at Pacific University’s onsite lab and volunteered assisting in research with Pacific’s Vision Performance Institute. She graduated from Pacific University College of Optometry in 2016 and has been working in the Edmonton Area since. In addition to her time working in the office, Dr De Filippo has been consulting with the Alberta College of Optometrists since 2019. She is a prior member of their Standards of Practice Committee and current member of the Continuing Competence Committee.

Dr Ahmed Farhat | Londonderry Eye Care

Dr. Ahmed Farhat

Dr. Farhat was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta. He completed 3 years of his Bachelor of Science degree at MacEwan University before being admitted early to the InterAmerican University of Optometry, where he graduated in 2018. Dr. Farhat completed his practicum at Omni Eye Services in Atlanta, Georgia, one of the largest referral sites in the United States. He received the Clinical Excellence Award during his practicum at the Cidra Clinic in Puerto Rico. Dr. Farhat is passionate about managing and treating ocular disease and he is committed to providing quality eye care to all of his patients. Outside of work Dr. Farhat enjoys playing and watching hockey, traveling and reading.

Dr Shamil Nagji | Londonderry Eye Care

Dr. Shamil Nagji

Dr. Nagji was born and raised in north Edmonton, completing his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Alberta and went on to complete his Masters of Optometry degree from Aston University, and received his Doctor of Optometry degree from the University of Waterloo.
Dr. Nagji has over 10 years of expertise as an Optometrist, and is known for providing compassionate and thorough eye care. He has a special interest in the diagnosis and management of diabetic eye disease, along with the treatment and management of dry eye syndrome.
With a focus on education and individualised attention, Dr. Nagji strives to enhance and preserve the vision of every patient. Dr. Nagji is currently accepting new patients and would be honoured to serve you and your family for years to come.

Dr Pearl Motkoski | Londonderry Eye Care

Dr. Pearl Motkoski

We’re very excited to welcome Dr. Motkoski to Londonderry Eye Care! Dr. Motkoski is Edmonton born and raised. She attended the University of Alberta where she completed her Bachelor of Science degree. She then moved to Portland, OR to attend optometry school at Pacific University College of Optometry, where she completed her Doctorate of Optometry.
Dr. Motkoski has clinical experiences in co-management, hospital and private practice settings. She provides full scope optometric services to patients of all ages and has a passion for ocular surface disease.
When Dr. Motkoski is not in the office she enjoys spending her time cross country skiing, running, hiking, or reading a good book.

Dr Vinh Tran | Londonderry Eye Care

Dr. Vinh Tran

Dr. Tran comes from Massachusetts in the United States. He completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Massachusetts Amherst where he obtained his Bachelor’s of Science degree. He graduated from the New England College of Optometry with his Optometric Degree. He then went on to practice in a multidisciplinary ophthalmology clinic.
Dr. Tran continues to provide full scope optometric care which encompasses primary care, contact lens fitting, and management of ocular diseases.
In his free time he likes to keep up with a healthy and balanced lifestyle which includes practicing martial arts, rock climbing and hiking.