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Eye Examinations

February 14, 2014

You Need Your Eyes Examined! Here Are Four Great Reasons Not to Wait

You know who you are. You’re the person who squints a little more at the computer screen than you used to. Or maybe you’re distracted by odd ‘floaters’ that seem to appear periodically in your field of vision. Isn’t all this just normal stuff?

Well, perhaps. But why risk it?

Truth be told, as many people put off bi-annual eye exams as standard medical exams. In fact, there’s increasing evidence that a lot of you reading this right now don’t pay much attention to your eyes. But think about it: If you can’t see, most of the other things you do won’t matter much. It’s time to schedule that eye exam. Don’t put it off!

You probably need a little convincing. Here are four great reasons to see your eye doctor today!

1. You can’t remember your last eye exam. If you learned that certain serious conditions—like glaucoma—have no particular symptoms and are only caught by an eye doctor, would that change your perspective on eye exams? Also, even healthy eyesight changes over time. Dust off your calendar and schedule an appointment with an optometrist.

2. You regularly experience eye strain, blurred vision, and/or headaches. If this sounds like you, your eyes should be examined. For some, these symptoms occur after too much time is spent in front of the television, computer, or smart device. Occasionally, you may even feel a bit dizzy or nauseated. These are not symptoms you should brush aside.

3. Your eyes are often dry, itchy, red, and fatigued. While this may be true for many of us after a long day at work, if it’s excessive and chronic over time, this generally signals a deeper problem. Don’t chance it—get your eyes checked.

4. You see sudden flashes of light or floaters. It’s important to tell your eye doctor about these symptoms, particularly if they happen in tandem. The worst-case scenario may indicate early sign of retinal detachment or inter-eye hemorrhage. Most floaters on their own are harmless, but it’s hard to know without an exam.

Good vision is a priceless gift. Keep yours for many years to come by scheduling an appointment with your eye professional today.