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The Most Important Reason Children Should Get Regular Eye Exams

January 11, 2018

Why should young children get regular eye exams?

You have probably heard that is it important for all children to receive regular eye exams from as young as six months old. But do you know why?

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Vision affects a child’s performance in school.

Your child’s vision affects their daily activities in a big way, especially their school performance. A quarter of school aged children – and even up to ten percent of preschoolers – have vision problems. Since so much of learning is visual (for example, reading what is on the board), issues with vision can greatly disadvantage students early in life.

Child using a tablet

Furthermore, young children are now using devices with screens, such as smart phones and tablets. This increased technology use has been correlated with increased rates of myopia (near-sightedness) and myopia progression, leading some eye experts to speculate that technology is causing diminished vision acuity and perhaps more significant issues in the long run.

Comprehensive eye exams can detect serious vision conditions.

There is a range of vision problems that could interfere with a child’s learning, and a comprehensive eye exam will test for more than just vision acuity. It can detect conditions such as lazy eye, color blindness, difficulties with depth perception, and misalignment of the eyes, in addition to more serious problems like glaucoma, detached retinas, or macular degeneration.

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Having your child’s eyes checked on a regular basis is the key to detecting these problems early so that they can be treated as soon as possible. The earlier that most of these issues are treated, the easier and more effective the treatment. Children should receive their first comprehensive eye exam at six months old and then at least once a year until the age of eighteen.

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